Friday, 25 November 2016

Things to do this Winter/Christmas time

With Christmas creeping up on us and the colder weather being here to stay, why not make the most of it? There is always something going on or make the most of during the lead up to Christmas so I have come up with a few things to do to make the most of this Winter time.

Visit a Christmas market
Christmas markets are a pretty big thing in most towns and cities in the run up to Christmas, they consist of many little stalls, fair rides and other fun things to do... So my aim this year is to visit a Christmas market nearby that I haven't yet been to.

Take Winter walks
This winter I want to take time to go on long dog walks with a nice surrounding area, even though its starting to get really cold it's nice to take in the winter scenery... I actually did this quite a lot last year but have been slacking a bit lately with the fun walks so I would like to find a few nice new dog walking areas. 

Have family time
Family time is very important and although I do spend a lot of time with my close family, I want to make a bit more of an effort to do different things and have nice days out or cosy game nights in... I also have a other family members coming to visit over the Christmas period and would like to spend as much time as I can doing something with them to make the most of the time.

Go to a light switch on
I think pretty much every location has a local light switch on to officially 'turn on' the annual Christmas lights so I want to go to my local light switch on with my family to get into the spirit of Christmas!

Something I want to do more of this Winter is bake more, whether it be cupcakes, gingerbread men, mince pies or something else... I always love the idea of baking but I never actually do it very often and why not do something fun on the warmth of my home during Winter!

Try festive drinks
Festive drinks is always a big thing when Winter hits especially with the themed cups, I haven't actually tried many of the seasonal drinks about but I aim to do this before Winter is over!

Have cosy movie nights/days
Winter can become very cold so a good way to spend the miserable days or nights is to cosy up and watch the Christmas movies to get in the spirit!

Until next time,

Thursday, 10 November 2016


So.. I thought I would do a little update
I haven't uploaded in a while.
The reason being that a lot has been changing recently and the reason is...

I'm growing a little human inside of me! And I couldn't be happier..

This is just a little post but I really do want to carry on blogging and have fun with it, I'm also hoping to start uploading once a week!

Until next time,