Wednesday, 22 June 2016


My favourite place to go nearby is Thaymars ice cream and farm it's like a field area and they make all their own ice cream, they do all sorts of amazing I've cream flavours and sorbets... my personal favourite is toffee banana, it's soo nice! 

Recently my partner and I decided to go brunch. We had noticed that Thaymars had a small cafe area when we had been before so we decided why not give it a try. While we were there we discovered they did milkshakes of which you can chose you're fave ice cream flavour and turn it into a milkshake.

 The food was good and the bacon was done just how I like it... crispy. They even have homemade sauces!

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P.S. I'm trying to upload every Wednesday!

Thursday, 16 June 2016


When the weather was a bit warmer and a LOT nicer last week, I wore a new outfit that i bought not too long ago and thought I would share it with you!

The top is a off the shoulder rusty colour and is slightly cropped.
From H&M

The trousers are also from H&M and I LOVE them, I have never owned a pair of wide leg trousers and when I seen these I had to get them. I feel like the pattern has a boho vibe to it and The top and the trousers just go so well together.

The shoes are black closed toe wedges and they go well with the trousers as I'm not the tallest person so the trousers are slightly too long with flats so these go perfectly.
I actually got them from Peacocks in the sale and I think I will get a lot more wear out of these in summer days to come.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016


I'm not the type of person to go to the gym I just feel awfully uncomfortable and out of place because I feel like I hate the thought of people judging me(which is probably so wrong, no one would care how i exercised). Anyway when i heard that Charlotte Crosby brought out her second fitness dvd 3 minute bum blitz! I wanted to give it a try so I did... for about 4 days and then somehow I just lost all motivation, so the DVD was just sitting on the shelf unused until recently I came across it again and decided that I actually wanted to try and get fitter and healthier.

The reason i wanted to try this DVD in particular was the fact that it focuses on the bum as that is the main part of my body that I want focus on and tone the most. I also like the sound of the 3 minute workouts and I find it quite difficult to do long workouts because its not something I'm used to so I'm hoping that this builds up my fitness and gives me a better booty! Because who doesn't hope for a good booty(haha).

I've been doing the DVD for about a week now... I do it about 4 times a week at the moment and I love the fact that each workout is only 3 minutes long because it means that each routine isn't too long and you can have a little breather between each exercise. There are 12 workouts each three minutes long with a warm up exercise to begin and a cool down to end on, which are both good especially the cool down as it incorporates a bit of fun to finish off the workout. I have also been eating healthier in the hopes that this will actually work and that I will see results. Adding to that I do quite a lot of walking due to having a dog so this keeps me moving aswell!

Anyway, I'm hoping that I can stick to this and I feel determined to do it so that i can actually see some results in the long term, I'll keep you updated! 

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Bank Holiday

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend!
This post is a little late going up, but in England it was bank holiday weekend and the sun actually made an appearance which made it even better.

On the extra day off that we had me and my other half visited a couple of garden centres as we wanted to spruce up our garden for the summertime (hoping that we get one in England).
We didn't really have too much of idea on what we were looking for but we wanted some nice flower plants to add to our garden as it was looking rather dull, we also picked up a few fruit and veg plants as I really want to try and get into growing my own food as it seems like a fun thing to do. We ended up going to 2 garden centres because the first one didnt really have much of what we wanted. While we were at the garden centre we stopped off in the cafe for cake and a drink... This reminded me so much of being younger as my grandparents would always take us to a garden centre with them, we would look around and then go into the cafe for some food and drink and i used to love it!

As we bought some foody plants we went and bought a little green house which you build yourself and has a cover... We picked up the green house from B&M for only £8.99 which is such a bagain!

We also picked up a couple of hanging sign things and i placed this one next to the green house as it just fits in perfectly and then another in the garden.

All in all we had a nice sunny bank holiday and enjoyed the rest of the day in the garden with our little dog Jake, we took his little teepee in the garden for some shade in case he got too hot!

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